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roman silver brooch with boar

£600 - £800

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3rd century AD. A beautiful zoomorphic silver brooch in the form of a realistically modelled wild boar, modelled in the round with its eyes, snout, ears and dorsal ridge enhanced with engraved details, the head is broadly conical with open mouth; modern attachment pin. Similar image in Boucher, S., Recherches sur les Bronzes Figurés de Gaule Pré-Romaine et Romaine, Rome, 1976, fig.381; work and style of the brooch are very similar to a Roman small boar mount recently found in Britain, see also a Roman folding knife handle in the form of a boar from Ditchingham nowadays in Norfolk, Norfolk Heritage Explorer no.22255. 13.7 grams, 35mm (1 1/2"). Ex London, UK, collection, in the 1990s. In Europe and Asia, since ancient times, wild boar hunting was considered a warrior's practise due to the danger of the prey, and some of this hunting glory was reflected in its gastronomic fame. The Etruscans hunted wild boar at night or at dawn, and caught it with nets, various traps and with the help of ferocious dogs. In the feast of the Roman Trimalcio, a huge boar was in the place of honour, from whose open belly emerged a flight of doves.